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Welcome to the STACKED Podcast! This is a place for people who love stories. Specifically those that take place in comic books. Join Brandon & Brendan every Friday as they explore and discuss stories from the world of comics!

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Issue 69 Trinity

Welcome to the sixty-ninth episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan discuss one of their favorite new series from DC Comics' Rebirth initiative. Superman is a stranger to the Justice League of this universe and he's trying to gain the trust of this Diana & Bruce. Can they grow that bond and become the legendary Trinity? This is: TRINITY (Volume 1)

Written & Illustrated by: Francis Manapul

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Issue 53 Wonder Woman

Welcome to the fifty-third episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan talk about one of the most definitive Wonder Woman stories in their opinion. Zeus has disappeared and the Gods are scheming. Diana has to find her place on Themyscira, in her family, and in the world. It's Gods, family, responsibility, and a whole lot of badassery. This is: WONDER WOMAN

Written by Brian Azzarello, Art by Cliff Chiang

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