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Welcome to the STACKED Podcast! This is a place for people who love stories. Specifically those that take place in comic books. Join Brandon & Brendan every Friday as they explore and discuss stories from the world of comics!

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Issue 71 Doom Patrol

Welcome to the seventy-first episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan are back after being down for 2 weeks! Brandon has been out of commission for a bit with some health stuff but was able to record an episode this week! Thanks everyone for your patience! This week the boys dive right back into it starting with another wonderfully weird story from Grant Morrison. This is: DOOM PATROL (Volume 1)

Written by Grant Morrison, Art by Richard Case

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Issue 69 Trinity

Welcome to the sixty-ninth episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan discuss one of their favorite new series from DC Comics' Rebirth initiative. Superman is a stranger to the Justice League of this universe and he's trying to gain the trust of this Diana & Bruce. Can they grow that bond and become the legendary Trinity? This is: TRINITY (Volume 1)

Written & Illustrated by: Francis Manapul

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Issue 65 Welcome Back Frank

Welcome to the sixty-fifth episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan chat about Garth Ennis' first crack at telling the story of Frank Castle. Ennis went on to write a bunch of definitive Punisher content but it all started with this 12 issue Intro run. Taking Frank back to the basics, looking at why he does what he does, and why he's the only one who can do it. This is: THE PUNISHER (WELCOME BACK, FRANK)

Written by Garth Ennis, Art by Steve DIllon

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Issue 62 Batman Super Heavy

Welcome to the sixty-second episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan continue their coverage of Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo's Batman run. This Part concludes their story on the main Batman title closing out the New 52 Volume. Can Bruce Wayne and Batman co-exist? What's the point of Batman and what does he mean to us? These questions and more are answered in the amazing conclusion to this great Bat-Book. This is: BATMAN: SUPERHEAVY (Snyder/Capullo Part 5)

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Issue 57 White Night

Welcome to the fifty-seventh episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan discuss a fantastic else-worlds Batman story. This story deeply explores Batman and Joker's relationship with each other and everyone else around them as well as with Gotham City itself. Along with many great Bat questions like What if the Joker could get better? Could Gotham City be okay without Batman? Join us as we discuss Sean Murphy's great story about all of this! This is: BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT

Written and Drawn by Sean Murphy

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Issue 54 Journey Into Mystery Part 1

Welcome to the fifty-fourth episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan talk about the first half of Kieron Gillen's awesome run on Journey Into Mystery. In today's episode they cover Issues #622 - #632. Loki has destroyed Asgard and himself in the process. When he writes himself out of the book of Hel he avoids the cycle of life a death being brought back as Kid Loki. The first half of this amazing run sees Loki dealing with The Serpent, Odin's brother, attempting to destroy Earth in a corssover event "Fear Itself". Gillen uses this event to set up the core question of his run: Can Loki change? Let's find out! This is: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (Part 1)

Written by Kieron Gillen, Art by Doug Braithwaite

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