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Stacked Podcast

Welcome to the STACKED Podcast! This is a place for people who love stories. Specifically those that take place in comic books. Join Brandon & Brendan every Friday as they explore and discuss stories from the world of comics!

Issue 56 The Adventure Zone


Welcome to the fifty-sixth episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan discuss a podcast turned comic book. The Adeventure Zone (for the 5 people in the world who don't know) is a D&D RPG Podcast Hosted by the McElroy family. This year they teamed up with unreal artist Carey Pietsch to turn the first story arc of that podcast into a comic book. There's magic, there's adventure, there's Gerblins, and a Travel Montage! This is: THE ADVENTURE ZONE (Volume 1)

Written by Clint, Griffin, Justin, & Travis McElroy, Art by Carey Pietsch

Check out The Adventure Zone here:

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