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Ryan Little Returns

Welcome to the fourth episode of STACKED Chats! Our guest today was also our guest on the first ever episode of Stacked Chats. We welcome back Ryan Little to the podcast. Today we are talking about his comic Prometheus. We also tangent off onto all sorts of great Nerd Fare such as Dragon Ball, and The Last Airbender! The Kickstarter for Issue #3 of Prometheus is live now so be sure to check it out! This is: Stacked Chats w/ RYAN LITTLE 2.0

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Danny Lobell

Welcome to the third episode of STACKED Chats! Our guest today is a Comedian ("The Nicest Boy in Barcelona"), Podcast Host ("Comical Radio", "Modern Day Philosophers"), and Comic Book Writer ("Fair Enough") DANNY LOBELL sits down with us! This was such a fun interview! Danny tells us some amazing stories, talks about his new autobiographical comic book "Fair Enough", and his comedy Festival "Eggemon" coming up this May in Los Angeles! This is: Stacked Chats w/ DANNY LOBELL

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Ryan Little

Welcome to the first episode in a new monthly series here on STACKED Podcast where we peek behind the scenes of the world of comic books! Today Brandon & Brendan got to sit down with Ryan Little (LONESOMES, PROMETHEUS, MONSTER OF THE WEEK)and chat about the world of independent comics and his experience self-publishing. This was a great conversation for anyone interested in entering the world of indie comics or anyone just interested in the process! This is: MAKING INDIE COMICS w/ RYAN LITTLE.

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