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Comic Recommendations

There are so many comics to read that it's impossible to keep track of all of them. We want to help you find some comics you might not have heard of. Each month we will update this page with comic recommendations we think are worth your time. Some will be more mainstream while others will be independent. Take a look see if anything peaks your interest and enjoy!


July 2018

Death or Glory

Rick Remender & Bengal

Mad Max meets No Country For Old Men. Death or Glory Continue to prove that Rick Remender knows how to craft an engaging story. The premise is simple: a young woman named Glory is in dire need of a lot of cash to help give her father life saving surgery. Her answer? rob her criminal ex-husband. What could possibly go wrong? Well everything. This comic is not for the fait of heart as the violence is unflinching. The art by Bengal is amazing as he manages to perfect translate a Fast and the Furious car chase in comic format. You can literally feel the force every hit. There are only a few issues out so far but if you like car chases, compelling characters, and a tense criminal thriller then this comic might be something worth checking out.


Son of Hitler

Anthony Del Col, Geoff Moore & Jeff Mccomsey

The Subsitutes.jpg


Toby Blando & Libby Frame

This is a short comic that you can read entirely online (just click that button below) It doesn't take long to read and is entirely worth it. I don't want to give any of the story away here (seriously, it takes no time to read) but if tat cover doesn't immediately intrigue even a little bit then my words certainly wont. The is nothing short than amazing with serious echos of Studio Ghibli in it's character designs. If you are a fan of any of those films in even the slightest of sense then go give this a read. If you like it, take a minute and maybe let the writer and artist know.

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Ryan Little & Chris Shehan

If you have listened to our Stacked Chats episodes you know that we are fairly big fans of Ryan Little. His comic Lonesomes (another one you should check out) addressed social anxiety and depression in a way that was poignant while light hearted. This comic is the complete and total opposite and it's awesome. Prometheus takes the idea of the Greek Gods being real and ask one very important question; What would the Titan who gave humanity fire and with it the art of creation itself think of our world today. From there this comic takes aim at society and its many faults as the namesake seeks out the Eternal Flame once more to try an restore humanity on its rightful path. This comic takes Greek Mythos and gives it a very modern spin with truly inventive character adaptations. Only two issue currently exist (with issue 3 going Kickstarter this summer). We don't have a link to where you can buy the comic but here's Ryans twitter. Feel free to bother him and find out where you can pick up his latest comic.