Stacked Podcast

New Avengers Vol 1


Issue 3 "New Avengers - Part 1"

Welcome to the third episode of STACKED! In this week's episode we're talking about the breaking and re-forming of a legendary team: NEW AVENGERS (Part 1)
Written by Brian Michael Bendis

This is the first part in a series covering this entire run. Check out the rest of the series here:
New Avengers (Part 2):
Stackedpod – Issue-4-house-of-m-new-avengers-part-2

The reading order we used for today's episode can be found below!

Check out New Avengers here:…out/dp/0785114793

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READING ORDER for today's episode:
Avengers #500 - 503 + Finale
Secret War #1 - 5
New Avengers #1 - 10